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The NOAM Central Analytics User Group is a community of passionate Analytics users who come together to share best practices, collectively problem solve, and network. Currently, we are hosting virtual meetings where we focus on a variety of topics and invite Analytics Thought Leaders to present and share their expertise. This user group will be virtual during our launch, but will later transition into local city chapters. 

If you are interested in advancing your knowledge and use of Adobe Analytics, meeting other like-minded users who are industry leaders, and earning exclusive swag– then join our AAUG today!

Missed an event or want to listen to one again?

No problem - head on over to the Adobe Analytics User Groups YouTube channel.

Continuing the Conversation

Interested in taking the conversation beyond our user group meetings? Navigate to Adobe Experience League for self-help and instructor-led training, quick answers, community connections, and support options— all designed to maximize the value of your Adobe solutions. 

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Luke Ahn

Adobe Analytics User Group Leader
Fidelity Investments

Gretchen Muir

Adobe Analytics User Group Leader

Sarah Owen

Adobe Analytics User Group Leader
Search Discovery

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