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Return to Data Storytelling and Happily Ever After!

Jun 12, 3:00 – 4:30 PM

If you missed one of the most highly-attended and highly-rated Skills Exchange sessions at Adobe Summit, then here is your second chance... Happy Endings do exist! Is it magic? Well... you'll just have to come and see for yourself.

About this event

Another Encore: Find Your “Happily Ever After” in Data Storytelling

Following up on the pace of our last session, we are giving you another opportunity to catch one of the highly popular sessions from Adobe Summit!

PLUS! 🌟 Bonus material🌟not covered during the session!



Have you ever wished that the numbers could magically spin their own tale?  Do you ever feel like your hard-earned efforts are overlooked or underutilized? Even more importantly, do you often feel challenged to ensure your insights simply resonate with your intended audience

In this session:

  • You’ll discover the art of crafting compelling narratives tailored to diverse audiences & communication methods.
  • We will briefly cover the essential components of an engaging narrative, and then
  • Guide you through some really cool strategies for devising and implementing an analytics style guide.

The GOAL, as we state in our presentation, is to elevate the quality & impact of your deliverables, resulting in a heightened sense of achievement, reduced stress, & happier, better-informed stakeholders!

PLUS - Bonus material!

⭐⭐Make sure to stay until the end for a drawing to win special prizes!!!⭐⭐

Special Prize #1


  • Jeff Bloomer

    Kroger Personal Finance

    Manager, Digital eCommerce Analytics

  • Shari Deutsch

    U.S. Bank

    Digital Experimentation Practice Manager


  • Jennifer Dungan


    Adobe Analytics User Group Leader

  • Jeff Bloomer

    Kroger Personal Finance

    Adobe Analytics User Group Leader

  • Andy Lunsford


    Associate Director, Data Instrumentation