OPEN FORUM: Calculated Metrics/Segments/Reporting in Workspace

Nov 24, 2021, 8:00 – 9:30 PM

A place to learn and share with your peers!

About this event

NOAM East Adobe Analytics User Group – OPEN FORUM for Calculated Metrics/Segments/Reporting in Workspace

Regardless of attending multiple sessions like these, when it really comes down to brass tacks, you will ultimately learn that Adobe Analytics is ultimately a "learn by doing tool."

That is why, in our OPEN FORUM Series, we address the fact that different businesses, leaders, analysts, and everyday users of Adobe Analytics have varied backgrounds and experiences that present valuable opportunities to uplift and educate others.

If you’ve ever participated in a “Leaders & Learners” session, then you know how this works:

  • The open forum will be limited to 25 participants or less per session (If there is enough interest, we will add more sessions).
  • We also respectfully request if you RSVP, you actually plan to attend this virtual session* so as many who are interested in joining the conversation may have a “seat at the table.”

           *Not all of these sessions are recorded, but we will let you know at the beginning of the session if we decide to record it.

  • This specific session is aimed at users who have varied levels of experience creating Calculated Metrics, Segments, and Reporting in Workspace.
  • Bring your ideas to share with your colleagues, or just bring your questions to ask your peers how to handle various scenarios.
  • The conversation will be driven by all, but here are some topic ideas just to get things started:
    • Quickly building and reusing segments
    • How to build user-friendly calculated metrics
    • Short-cuts for repeated visualizations
    • General best practices
  • The goal is for participants to share their questions and personal/professional experience regarding the topics provided.
  • Most importantly, this is meant to be a non-threatening learning experience for all involved.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Adobe Analytics User Group Open Forum!


  • Jennifer Dungan


    Adobe Analytics User Group Leader

  • Jeff Bloomer

    Kroger Personal Finance

    Adobe Analytics User Group Leader

  • Andy Lunsford


    Associate Director, Data Instrumentation

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